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2011-01-09 08:07:48 by Globex



2010-12-30 16:39:23 by Globex

If i can't find an art class soon i only have three words to say.

Goodbye cruel world =(



2010-12-29 11:46:24 by Globex

Hilarious 8/Little_Kid_With_A_Foul_Mouth


2010-12-29 11:20:23 by Globex

OMFG best song ever in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD!!


2010-12-29 09:54:44 by Globex

I just found out i love country music WTF?!

Thinking about...

2010-12-28 10:07:13 by Globex

Actually putting a little more time to work in flash mx than 1 hour, maybe then i could get through the flash portal i could use my brothers help with the art though.

It's just to bad he's in such a depression, now i have to figure how to draw aswell as learn more scripting and animating =(

I should quote Spock to him xD


2010-12-23 15:01:09 by Globex

How the effing hell can't any of my crappy submissions make it through the damn flash portal when even some shit with a crappy car running over gay stick figures gets through?!

Downloading .mp3

2010-12-16 16:32:56 by Globex

to overcome porn addiction lol =/

I just posted this

2010-12-05 08:28:49 by Globex

to make the damn smiley stop crying.